Structure of a Flask Project

Flask is very flexible, it has no certain pattern of a project folder structure. Here is my suggestions.

Announcement of Authlib

A Python library for OAuth/OpenID Authentication. With Authlib, you can create OAuth servers with ease.

A semantic BEM style

Introduction of my modified version of BEM naming style guide.

Vue: from view to view

A lightning talk for #vuejs Japan. An idea on maintainable vue project.

Python on A Hard Wheel

How to build and distribute binary wheels on your Mac for every Mac.

Markdown Parsers in Python

A list of all markdown parsers in Python. The advantages and disadvantages of them.

New life of livereload

This is not a changelog of a project. It is what I learned in the development of livereload.

The Unpleasant Part of Open Source

I appreciate open source, I open source sometimes. But there are unpleasant things in open source.

Create an OAuth Server

A guide on creating an OAuth server, both OAuth 1 and OAuth 2, in a flavor of Flask with the help of Flask-OAuthlib.

Create a StatusBar App

A StatusBar App is what on the right side of the menu bar, it doesn't contain a main window.