Markdown on ruby markup

Design a better syntax of ruby markup for Markdown

Display country flags emoji on Windows

Fix country flags emoji display on Windows with web font.

How to style RSS feed

Let's create a beautiful RSS feed UI for human before its dead in next year again.

Authlib Under BSD License

Happy new year, happy new license. Authlib will be licensed under BSD instead of AGPL starting from next release v0.11.

Structure of a Flask Project

Flask is very flexible, it has no certain pattern of a project folder structure. Here is my suggestions.

Announcement of Authlib

A Python library for OAuth/OpenID Authentication. With Authlib, you can create OAuth servers with ease.

A semantic BEM style

Introduction of my modified version of BEM naming style guide.

Vue: from view to view

A lightning talk for #vuejs Japan. An idea on maintainable vue project.

Python on A Hard Wheel

How to build and distribute binary wheels on your Mac for every Mac.

Markdown Parsers in Python

A list of all markdown parsers in Python. The advantages and disadvantages of them.

New life of livereload

This is not a changelog of a project. It is what I learned in the development of livereload.

The Unpleasant Part of Open Source

I appreciate open source, I open source sometimes. But there are unpleasant things in open source.

Create an OAuth Server

A guide on creating an OAuth server, both OAuth 1 and OAuth 2, in a flavor of Flask with the help of Flask-OAuthlib.

Create a StatusBar App

A StatusBar App is what on the right side of the menu bar, it doesn't contain a main window.

Vundle vs Pathogen

A compare between vundle and pathogen. Which is better for vim plugins management.
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